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The figure of the marketing and sales manager is well known and present in companies, but what many people do not know is what a marketing and sales manager does. Often, not even the board understands the function of this professional, which ends up creating obstacles when hiring someone to manage these two teams.

And that can become a big issue, as marketing and sales management is one of the most strategic functions in a business. Therefore, it is also a position that requires a lot of trusts, as the professional is one of the pillars of the company’s success.

Therefore, in this post, we will talk about some of the tasks that a marketing and sales manager must have to generate the desired results. It is important to emphasize, however, that, in medium and large companies, the activities of a marketing and sales manager can often be divided between two or more professionals, who are thus in charge of each area – marketing or sales – separately.

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What does a marketing and sales manager do?

1. Track results and adjust strategies

Let’s start with the activity that is perhaps the marketing and sales manager’s greatest responsibility. This is because, although other functions can be performed without the manager’s monitoring and influence, this one necessarily needs his intervention; monitor results and adjust strategies.

The professional who manages these two teams must constantly keep an eye on the performance indicators and numbers generated by the strategies, both to correct the route and to make it even more impactful — if the results are positive.

For this, it is important to have tools such as CRM and marketing automation platforms, which will help to analyze whether the proposed strategies are progressing as planned. If so, it’s time to invest even more in them; if not, it’s time to create new plans and corrective actions.

2. Hire and train employees

To manage a marketing and sales team, a company usually has many employees, and one of the manager’s duties is precisely to analyze and select them according to the profile of the business and what is needed to perform a certain function.

Thus, more than being able to assess technical attributes, the marketing and sales manager needs to understand at least a little human behaviour: after all, the future work needs to be able to socialize and work in a team, and any failure in hiring can generate a great waste of time and money, both for the company and for the employee.

And, in addition to hiring, it is the marketing and sales manager who will train and qualify the employees of your team, so that they can reach their goals and deliver results.

As the team grows, the manager may no longer be able to track all hiring and training individually. However, it is important that it at least help to elaborate these processes, so that in the future there will be no rework in this regard.

3. Define the marketing MIX

Marketing MIX is a business model based on the famous 4Ps of Marketing (Place, Price, Product and Promotion). So, of course, the marketing manager needs to be completely on top of your company’s 4Ps. He, by the way, should play an important role in defining each of these Ps, and which will later assist in the fulfillment of the marketing plan.

4. Diversifies

What a marketing and sales manager does is not just about planning and numbers; quite the opposite. Sometimes, it is necessary for this professional to think “outside the box” to find innovative strategies for marketing and sales actions, especially when the market is stagnant.

Therefore, diversity in products and services as a central search for this professional – and for the company as a whole – is a way of finding gaps in the market to expand and invest, presenting new ideas that make the company’s image stand out in with respect to competition.

5. Do the marketing planning

Marketing planning is just one more thing in what a marketing and sales manager does. It is a development of strategic planning.

In this part of the planning, the marketing and sales manager must determine what the marketing goals and objectives will be and what tasks will be necessary to achieve these results, as well as the communication channels that marketing will use (traditional media, social networks, marketing digital, inbound marketing, content marketing, etc.).

6. Makes sales planning

Another of the functions that is in between what a marketing and sales manager does is sales planning. It will determine what the sales strategies are, such as sales pitches, offers, promotions, tactics, which products and services will be more or less sold, how to take advantage of seasonality, how much will need to be sold, etc.

All of this is developed by the marketing and sales manager, who will have both members of his team and other areas of the company to draw up this plan in the most realistic and strategic way possible.

7. Integrates the marketing and sales teams

Strategic work is essential for the position of marketing and sales manager, but this professional also needs to be able to make his two teams (marketing and sales) work together and in collaboration. Therefore, it is his role to promote the integration of the teams to act without conflicts and with synergy.

8. Motivates the team

Forget that image of the dictatorial boss: good marketing and sales manager is, above all, a leader who needs to be able to convey to his subordinates the importance of what needs to be done, and must be the first interested party to reach the objectives and reach the goals.

Therefore, as we have already said, it is very important that he knows how to deal with the human capital that is in his hands. As important as understanding sales techniques is knowing how to balance criticism and praise and highlight the achievements of the team’s work.

9. Study and evaluate data from marketing automation and CRM platforms

The marketing and sales manager needs to have a lot of know-how and experience in relation to their role, and this includes knowing how to work with tools that can collaborate with the assignments of the marketing and sales team.

That’s because, above all, these solutions provide reliable statistics and numbers, which will help the manager to make decisions based on facts and not guesswork. Thus, CRM and marketing automation platforms are essential to help you understand consumer and market behavior. With them, it is possible to obtain information about the target audience to improve marketing and sales strategies.

Now that you know what a marketing and sales manager does and understand the importance of marketing automation tools for this role, how about making your digital marketing strategy even more effective? For this, be sure to also hire marketing automation software.

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Monitoring of results, marketing and sales planning, motivation: read in our post what a marketing and sales manager does! Get in touch with our team and find out how we can help you!