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New Year Sale

It should be nothing new for you that the end of the year is an important period for sales, especially for e-commerce sales. Marketing campaigns help to expand results at a time when consumers are already willing to shop, and one of these actions is e-mail marketing for the end of the year.

But when we talk about the end of the year, it’s important to consider dates that go far beyond Christmas. Remember that Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, for example, also take place in late November, almost December.

So, since these dates entered the calendar in Brazil, they should be considered in a year-end email marketing strategy.

Start by capturing leads

Before we get into tips on the types of holiday email marketing you can send, it’s important that you use this phase of the year to capture more leads for your short-, mid-, and long-term strategies.

During periods leading up to dates such as Black Friday and Christmas, potential customers are more likely to subscribe to an email list that promises, for example, to notify first-hand of offers that will be announced especially for those dates.

So, prepare your strategy in advance, taking users to landing pages that aim to convert visitors into leads.

Create relevant content and call to action, organize the sign-up form with information that will help you deliver relevant content to the customer, and invest in attraction strategies to drive users to that conversion page, including:

  • sponsored links,
  • social networks,
  • SEO and more.

Remember to organize your calendar to start this step of the year-end sales campaign at the right time.

Consumers start their price searches weeks before (some even months before) the date, and your business can leverage this move to increase your lead base and then take email marketing actions later.

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Types of year-end email marketing

Some issues must be present in all email marketing campaigns, including special attention to the segmentation of contacts. Every campaign must prioritize the personalization of information, ensuring that each lead will receive the content that best meets their demands and needs.

Therefore, when applying the tips below, we suggest that you always consider your company’s persona and its demands.

That said, we move on to the end-of-the-year email marketing types. Check out!

1. Promotions and special discounts

At the end of the year, especially on Black Friday, your customers are looking for discounts and promotions. Therefore, this type of email is the main strategy for this period of the year. 

Among the main topics that can be addressed by your emails are:

  • really attractive discounts,
  • advantages like free shipping,
  • fast delivery.

These three elements will highlight your business and enhance your brand’s competitiveness.

It is important that, in the planning phase, you negotiate with suppliers and prepare your logistics and stock for this, but it is worth it.

Create attractive emails that are focused on presenting discounts and options for the customer to purchase the products they want.

In the example above, the customer has access to several sectors with interesting discounts. Another option, if you already have a history of the customer’s orders, can make an email specifically aimed at items that the customer has already purchased or similar items.

For example, a shoe store notices that the customer buys a lot of low-heeled shoes, they can send a special holiday marketing email with other products that follow the same style.

Children’s clothing stores can send emails according to the child’s gender, which can be identified through order histories.

This customization can be done through marketing automation software.

As an end-of-the-year email marketing campaign is not just one email, the communication flow with customers can include broad messages, with varied offers (like the example above) and also more segmented according to information filled in on the landing page or according to the customer’s history.

2. Communicate with inactive customers

Year-end email marketing is a good “excuse” to reconnect with inactive customers and bring them back to your brand.

It is important, however, to create specific strategies, with personalized emails for this audience, so that they feel that you “remember” them and that they are important.

Don’t forget to create a special automation flow for this group of people, after all, they already know your company and – I hope – they trust it.

A tip is to make a pre-Black Friday or pre Christmas campaign exclusively for those who are already in your base. This can be an opportunity to anticipate purchases (and sales).

3. Keep a good transactional email flow

Communicating with your customers about the purchase stage seems simple, but it is very important, especially when we are dealing with new customers (who are afraid of some risk).

So, at these times, invest in a good deal of transactional emails – without getting boring (of course).

Notify us about payment confirmation, shipping at the carrier, change of location of the merchandise, which city it just arrived in and so on.

All of this will help your customer to relax and have a better post-purchase experience with your company.

4. Try to encourage a new purchase

With good marketing strategies, during the end of the year, you are likely to receive many new customers, and the tip is to keep on relating to them.

With the end of the holiday season, start email marketing campaigns that aim to create relationships with leads.

Use this communication channel to offer products related to those already purchased, share relevant content through this channel.

This is a way to make the most of customers who came through promotions, for example, retaining these contacts and taking advantage of the benefits that retention brings to the company.

5. Activate a campaign to convert abandoned carts

Abandoned carts are great “villains” of e-commerce and it is interesting that you keep an active campaign to try to convert them.

It is quite common, at the end of the year, for consumers to assemble carts at different companies and continue searching for other offers that may present better opportunities.

In that case, show the customer that your offer is the most interesting. Use year-end email marketing to remind the customer about the cart and even offer a “bonus”.

An option increasingly used is cashback, when you return part of the money for the customer to use at another time.

A positive point, in addition to the sales incentive, is the possibility of making the customer come back and make a new purchase.

In addition to cashback, other arguments are free shipping, more discounts and more.

So, did you like the end-of-the-year email marketing ideas? 

If you have not yet mastered the techniques of creating and sending email marketing, we suggest you access our checklist “ How to create your ZERO email marketing campaign without forgetting any details ”. The material is free and ideal for those just starting out and for those who need to optimize their results with email strategies.