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When it comes to marketing, it is necessary to keep in mind that some audiences are more sensitive than others, and it is necessary to be careful when approaching them. Child education is undoubtedly one of the sectors that require special attention. However, it is possible to create a digital marketing plan for a kindergarten school in order to attract more students to the institution.

As well as marketing for the health area, education has a different appeal and working with kindergarten marketing focusing only on the commercial aspect tends not to be well regardedSo how to do it? Below are some tips and suggestions for children’s school marketing. Check out!

What is a marketing plan and how to design it?

Before we go into how to create a marketing plan for a kindergarten school, we need to go through the concept so that you really understand what it is and how to create a marketing plan.

Before even thinking about strategies, tools or investments to be made, it is necessary to draw a plan, it is he who will guide the marketing actions gradually and encompassing all types of campaigns.

The marketing plan is a document that brings together the entire communication and dissemination strategy of a brand in a given period. Inside it is described:

  • the desired goals,
  • the strategies and actions that will be taken to achieve them,
  • the deadline for completion.

Whatever the objective, strategic marketing planning is essential for success, based on the plan, you will define the actions that must be performed and organize the order of things so that you can move towards achieving the goal for which this was created. flat.

How to make a kindergarten school marketing plan?

If you are in the teaching business, you know the difficulties of thinking about marketing strategies to attract students.

In general, the longest student enrollment periods are concentrated at the end, beginning and a little in the middle of the school year. These characteristics show that your plan should concentrate more conversion actions in these periods with seasonal campaigns. This is not to say that nothing should be done for the rest of the year.

It is necessary to understand that enrollment periods need to be the focus of a marketing plan for an early childhood education school, but it is also necessary to bear in mind that parents only enroll their children after learning more about the institution in question. That’s why branding campaigns are also essential for schools.

When creating a marketing plan, you should focus on these two fronts:

  • Campaigns and strategies to enhance your institution by highlighting its strengths
  • Enrollment conversion campaigns and strategies, discount pockets (through exams or raffles) and partnerships with other institutions

With that in mind, so that you can begin to draw up your marketing plan for the kindergarten school, we have brought you some ideas for private schools that can integrate your planning and bring good results.

Content Marketing

One of the best ways to attract your target audience to know your institution is Content Marketing. Many parents do research every day on various issues related to education and producing relevant content that meets these surveys will bring you closer to these users, who are the target audience of your institution.

An important tip is to understand what parents of students, of the age group that your institution serves, research on the internet in relation to their children’s education.

In addition to focusing on presenting aspects that answer the questions that arise when they look for an educational institution to enroll their little ones, produce content that is related to several other factors that are decisive for parents and family members, such as:

  • pedagogical proposal of the institution,
  • educational line,
  • enrichment activities, and more.

When it comes to content marketing for educational institutionsblogs are usually the most attractive way but bet on other formats such as:

  • videos, creating, for example, a YouTube channel,
  • ebooks,
  • Educational podcasts to attract attention to your school.


A content marketing strategy for educational institutions can be linked to good SEO practices, thus, the content produced also aims to rank the institution’s blog and website pages in the best positions of responses to a Google search.

Thus, the school will appear among the pages that answer frequent questions from parents and guardians, being an efficient way to increase the rate of traffic on the school’s website and the contact of this audience with your institution.

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Ads on Facebook and Google Ads

Sponsored links campaigns are important elements of a marketing plan for a kindergarten school, especially in the enrollment phase.

It is possible and recommended to use ads on Google Ads, Instagram Ads and Facebook Ads.

Create remarketing campaigns that will reach parents and guardians who have already been on your institution’s website, so you reinforce your brand to those who already know and are already considering your school, as an option.

Social networks

Social networks, as the name suggests, are excellent relationship channels between the institution, clients (parents of students and students) and potential clients.

Social networks allow sharing the day-to-day of the school, its activities, the pedagogical thinking of the place,

Also, work your social networks organically, always keeping your profiles up to date, organized and beautiful, when a potential client comes to them you need to give the right sense of professionalism and competence.

Use social media to share website links, blog and share updates from other content production platforms like Youtube and podcasts.

Be creative and also invest in lives, stories, chats between early childhood education professionals and parents, ask questions and more.

Remember that in marketing for children’s schools, the objective is to reach those responsible for the students.

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E-mail marketing

Finally, another good tool to integrate into your marketing plan for kindergarten schools are email marketing campaigns, they are great to keep a continuous link with parents and keep them updated on news and also collect payments and encourage re-enrollments.

Furthermore, when integrated with lead generation actions, they also work to nurture potential customers – parents of students who can enroll for the next term.

Work your campaigns in an automated and segmented way to reach each audience according to your strategy and have all these campaigns foreseen in your marketing plan to attract students. Always try to follow it, but don’t let it get in the way of improvement.

And then did you understand how to organize a marketing plan for a kindergarten school? One of the tools that can help a lot is automation software, that’s why LAHAR brings interesting solutions that can improve your team’s results.

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