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After all, what are and how to use the main Inbound and Outbound marketing tools? In this article, we’ve separated 8 tools for you to leverage in your campaigns and get a better return on investment with each campaign you invest in.

You’re probably tired of hearing about digital transformation and how it has changed the way consumers relate to businesses.

You may also be tired of knowing that digital marketing has placed itself at the heart of the relationship between brands and customers.

All the changes in the digital age meant that companies had to change their strategies and invest in a series of actions that did not even exist for a while.

However, if on the one hand, all this change made many managers turn grey, on the other hand, this same technology enabled the creation of tools that made them work with marketing more efficient, assertive, measurable and productive.

So, if you can’t run away from all the news that hit the market, you can at least take advantage of Inbound and Outbound marketing tools as your allies.

List of Inbound and Outbound Marketing Tools

Understanding Inbound and Outbound Marketing is an important step in any current brand positioning and sales strategy.

While Inbound Marketing is called permission marketing, Outbound Marketing is interruption marketing.

Ads are the main examples of Outbound Marketing, from traditional TV ads to those that happen while you watch a video on Youtube and browse social media.

Among the main Outbound Marketing strategies are:

  • Radio and TV ads,
  • Telemarketing,
  • Outbound Email Marketing,
  • Sponsored links (also known as paid ads), and more.

Among the Inbound Marketing strategies are:

  • content marketing,
  • SEO,
  • social networks,
  • email marketing (nutrition),
  • lead capture and more.

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After remembering a little about each of these strategies and what actions comprise them, let’s go to the list of Inbound and Outbound marketing tools. We separate 4 platforms for each area, totalling 8. Check it out!

4 Outbound Marketing Tools

#1 LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Linkedin Sales Navigator is a LinkedIn tool designed to help entrepreneurs find leads with a buyer profile that can be activated by the marketing and sales team.

The tool to generate leads allows advanced search of companies and leads, customization of contacts according to your company’s personas profile and other features.

When you find leads that match your ideal customer profile, your marketing and sales team can take action to introduce your company to those contacts.

To better understand how to use the Outbound Marketing tool read the article, “ How to generate leads through LinkedIn: Sales Navigator + 4 best practices” and watch the video below.


Ramper is a digital prospecting platform that helps your company find leads and customers that are aligned with the business personas and, based on that, allows communication between the brand and potential customers.

In the Outbound Marketing tool, your team defines the ideal customer profile and creates email lists from the capture of contacts on social networks and from an efficient segmentation.

You can also auto-send messages to these leads.

#3 Google Ads

The Google Ads is a Google Ad tool and without a doubt is one of the most important platforms for Outbound Marketing today, after all, allows you to create targeted ads within Google itself, the search network or Google Shopping, and channel partners, with Display ads appearing on partner sites and blogs.

Google Ads also allows ads on channels such as YouTube and generates reach and views for brands from all segments, putting digital Outbound into practice.

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#4 Facebook Ads

With a similar premise to Google Ads, Facebook Ads is also an important Outbound marketing tool, after all, we are talking about the largest social network in the world.

Also, for companies that want to advertise on Instagram, it is necessary to do so through Facebook Ads.

The social networks are tools of Inbound and Outbound marketing, fitting in two models, according to the use of the channels.

4 Inbound Marketing Tools

Among Inbound Marketing strategies, the production of content that participates and contributes to the customer’s journey, without interrupting it, is the main path to be taken.

In all strategies, the user reaches the company through paths such as research.

For this, it is possible to rely on Inbound Marketing tools like the ones listed below.


SEMrush is an SEO tool that mainly allows the analysis of keywords with high search volume within a niche, for subsequent content generation.

The goal is that, from the understanding of what users are looking for within your company’s niche, you can produce valuable content, within the SEO criteria, which can be ranked on Google in the top positions.

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#2 Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is also essential for finding keywords that are important to your business and your ranking on Google.

It’s a free tool and you need an AdWords account to use keyword research. Rest assured, you won’t need to make an ad to access more general information.

However, if you want deeper information, you will need to have an ad running. 


BuzzSumo helps in optimizing content marketing strategy, especially for social media.

Among its features we can mention:

  • the system lists the hottest topics in the period for which your company can participate in the “discussion”,
  • identifies digital influencers to establish partnerships and reach your ideal audience,
  • helps you create content geared towards your company’s persona,
  • contributes to attracting and nurturing leads.

#4 Inbound Marketing Automation Tool

Last but not least, the Inbound Marketing Automation Tool is a complete solution, which brings together the features of multiple tools in a single system.

In addition, it allows the automation of a series of repetitive activities, ensures the segmentation of contacts, the scoring of leads and the tracking of user behavior within its channels. None of this is possible without the help of technology.

In this sense, we present LAHAR’s Inbound Marketing automation software.

In 2019, LAHAR was elected the best digital marketing tool by ABComm – Brazilian Association of Electronic Commerce, with more than 70 thousand popular votes in general.

The marketing automation software helps in your strategy leads nutrition, inbound marketing and sales of a complete system to make your business grow.

Among the features of our platform you will find:

  • creation of actions and monitoring of social networks;
  • keyword panel for SEO and content marketing;
  • creating landing pages and forms ;
  • creating and sending email marketing;
  • AB test (email marketing and landing pages);
  • marketing automation;
  • Lead Tracking;
  • Lead Scoring for qualifying leads;
  • reports and more.