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The search for leads is a reality of digital marketing. However, in addition to volume, every marketer wants quality when receiving new contacts in their database. To answer the question “How do I generate qualified leads?” we indicate the following strategies:

  1. funnel bottom contents;
  2. use Facebook Ads to reach the right users;
  3. long tail for SEO;
  4. customer references.

If you don’t understand how to generate qualified leads from these tips, keep reading this article because we’ll explain each point!

How to generate qualified leads: Top Strategies of the moment

1. Funnel Bottom Contents

To learn how to generate qualified leads you should start by generating content geared towards that type of lead.

Among the content that will help you find qualified leads are deep funnel content such as customer cases and testimonials.

You can, for example, create a landing page calling to download an ebook with a client’s success story, detailing the entire business strategy.

It is also possible to do a webinar to present the same content, together with the client, and tell the strategies that were used.

Anyway, this is just one of the ideas for producing content relevant to bottom-of-the-funnel users.

So that you have other ideas, our suggestion is: get to know your persona well and identify the needs of users who are at the bottom of the funnel, looking for a solution.

Create content that answers these users’ questions and create ways for that visitor to become a lead, whether through a landing page, pop-ups or other lead capture tools.

2. Use Facebook Ads to reach the right users

Have you done any paid ad campaigns on Facebook?

If you’ve never done so, we encourage you to read our article “ What is Facebook Ads and how to build a perfect campaign?”. In it, you will understand that Facebook Ads is one of the most effective ways to reach any audience segment.

This is not only due to the volume of users on the platform (which already exceeds 2.2 billion users worldwide), but the possibility that the ad manager offers to target who will receive your company’s ad.

In addition to demographics such as age, gender and location, with Facebook Ads you are able to create ads that target users by behaviour and interests. 

So the logic of how to generate qualified leads on Facebook Ads is as follows: target your ad audience and create campaigns that drive that audience to the landing page where you want to convert the visitor into a lead.

Once the visitor is qualified, you will also have a qualified lead on hand.

However, taking a user to an external landing page isn’t the only way to generate leads on Facebook Ads.

So that you know the other possibilities to generate more leads on Facebook, let’s recommend one more article; “ How to generate leads on Facebook: from Sales Ads to best practices”. Believe me, it’s worth checking out! If you prefer, watch the video below.

3. Longtail for SEO

If you are not used to SEO terms, long-tail SEO is the SEO that seeks to rank pages on Google in searches of users who use longer keywords in their searches.

For example, instead of searching for “digital marketing”, the user who uses long-tail searches for “digital marketing tools”.

Of course, the user doesn’t notice the difference (he doesn’t even know what a long tail is), however, you as a marketer should notice and use this to your advantage to capture a qualified lead.

For funnel bottom content production use long-tail keywords and introduce yourself to users who are at more advanced stages of the buying journey.

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Remember to include forms and CTAs in your content that invite the user to convert. The CTA can take the visitor to a landing page with in-depth content, which will make the user convert into a lead (a qualified lead).

4. Customer References

There are many ways to ask your customers for referrals for leads. The make-up brand “Quem Disse Berenice” made a very smart campaign in this regard.

In the week of the Day of the Kiss, she sent out a marketing email to her clients with the following campaign “fill in this form and refer a friend. You and she will get a lipstick right away ”.

There was no catch. The lead filled out the form, referred another friend’s e-mail address, and received a voucher in her inbox (the referred friend also received another voucher). All you had to do was go to the indicated store and remove your lipstick for free.

The logic was to use the leads they already had in the database, largely customers or people interested in the brand, and ask them to refer others who would like to get a free lipstick. Well, now you get it. 

The person who got the lipstick is a qualified lead, after all, he wears lipstick. If she wears lipstick, the chances of using all of the brand’s other makeup items are also great. Correct?

Qualified leads captured is time to work towards them to become paying customers.

Lead capture and management: choose the right tool

We hope we have helped you to better master the techniques of how to generate qualified leads.

Yes, marketing work is becoming more strategic and detailed.

The sales funnel is extensive, the need to nurture leads is wide, the number of strategies keeps growing, and you have to consider attraction, conversion, nutrition, sales and loyalty campaigns. Ufa!

For all of this to be possible and to be done correctly, you need a digital marketing tool. Unfortunately, you can’t run away anymore.

The marketing automation software allows qualifying leads with much more agility and allows the creation of automatic and highly personalized nutrition flows.

These systems identify the contacts who are ready to receive a business proposal, leaving the marketing team in charge of forwarding these contacts to the sales team, who must contact them.

In 2019, LAHAR was elected the best digital marketing tool in Brazil by ABCOmm.

Our system helps you generate leads and turn them into customers. And you can concentrate your actions in a single tool, as the software offers functionalities to manage:

  • social networks;
  • landing pages;
  • do marketing automation and more.

See some of the features you can take advantage of with our marketing automation tool and how generating qualified leads can be easier with them:

  • Landing page creation without IT staff
  • Custom and scalable email flow automation
  • Scheduling of marketing emails through the platform
  • Monitoring and scheduling publications on social media
  • Management of your base contacts (Lead Scoring and Lead Tracking)
  • Reports from different channels gathered in a dashboard

Get in touch with us and learn more about how you can benefit from marketing automation for your business.