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Within an Inbound Marketing strategy, learning how to generate leads has become imperative. It is impossible to consider all the steps proposed by the strategy and not include the need to convert visitors who arrive to communication channels into leads.

The Inbound Marketing is one of the main ways of doing marketing today. In addition to being more aligned with the new behaviour of the consumer, who does not want to be interrupted, it is also a strategy that optimizes your company’s financial investments in the area and aims to offer a better return on investment.

That said, let’s go to a list of tips on how to generate leads:

  1. Understand what your ideal search audience is
  2. Produce relevant content in different formats
  3. Create forms in different channels
  4. Invest in SEO
  5. Make Facebook Ads Leads Ads
  6. Create a discount campaign

Below, we explain each of these tactics so relevant to a successful strategy. Follow up!

How to Generate Leads: 6 Effective Strategies

1. Understand what your ideal search audience is

You may have heard about this, but it is essential that this becomes a mantra for your company, both within the marketing sector and in sales and service.

Knowing who you’re talking to is critical to figuring out what to talk to and how to talk.

When defining your persona, go beyond demographic definitions such as location, age, gender, and income bracket, for example.

Include in the construction of the ideal customer profile information about the needs and problems that this persona faces.

With this in hand, it will be easier to produce content that meets these needs and consequently make the user click in search of an answer.

Also consider the different stages of the customer’s buying journey and produce different types of content for each of them.

2. Produce relevant content in different formats

As we’ve been talking about since the previous tip, content production is essential for Inbound Marketing and, consequently, for those who want to learn how to generate leads.

Content marketing is all, however, it is very common for people to confuse it with just producing blog posts or the availability of ebooks.

The content is in the text of an ad, in the body of an email, in a post on the social network.

Content is also in ebooks, spreadsheets, webinars, audios, videos and more.

Generating content that is relevant to the persona and associated with a form type is a smart way to learn how to generate leads.

3. Create forms in different channels

Undoubtedly, to generate leads you need to make registration forms available in some communication channel of your company (or all).

You can include a form of “subscribe newsletter” at the site, a CTA for a landing page that offers an ebook over blog post text, an exit pop-up on e-commerce, one ad generating goal Facebook leads and more.

In the following video, an expert shares valuable and creative tips on how to generate leads, going far beyond the ebook. Check out!

It is important, however, that you are careful to create a form that helps attract – not repel – users.

Your forms must be streamlined, with only information that is really essential to start communication at this stage of the customer journey.

To learn more about this subject, please visit the article “How to create a form for capturing leads: 5 practical tips for better results”. 

4. Invest in SEO

When we talk about ways to attract users to converting pages, to the website or even to the blog, we are necessarily talking about SEO.

SEO is a marketing strategy that helps you optimize your website pages so that they can meet Google’s criteria and thus be better ranked for searches in the search engine.

We’re talking about a way to rank pages on Google organically, that is, without having to pay to appear in the top positions of a related search.

Since to generate leads you must first attract them to your pages, SEO is also an important way to be considered within the goal of generating leads.

5. Make Facebook Ads Leads Ads

Facebook Ads is the Facebook ad platform. Within it there are different goals that can be achieved, including lead generation.

The Facebook Leads Ads option allows you to create ads with this focus, attracting qualified leads from the target audience that the ad will reach. You are the one who defines the characteristics of the users who should receive your ad.

If you still don’t know how Facebook Ads works, we recommend that you watch the video below.

In addition to Facebook, other social networks also allow you to carry out ads aimed at generating leads, including LinkedIn Ads.

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6. Create a discount campaign

discount or awards campaign that really catches your audience’s attention is a strategy with the potential to “fill” your base with qualified leads and leads.

An example is the campaign of the cosmetics brand “Quem Disse Berenice”. She sent to her current contact base an e-mail informing her that the contact should refer three friends, with e-mail, to each receive a free lipstick.

We are talking about an example of a campaign that:

  • reaches its target audience in a certain way,
  • stimulates the relationship with the brand,
  • generates engagement,
  • allows the generation of qualified leads.

Marketing automation for lead generation and conversion

Learning how to generate leads is easier than most people realize. All it takes is a consolidated strategy, based on the right persona and offering relevant channels and content.

However, your strategy doesn’t end when a lead arrives at the base. In fact, at that point, the work is starting.

The lead nutrition, qualifications, contact segmentation, all this involves the need to use a marketing automation tool.

If you don’t know or have questions about how to apply marketing automation in your company, we recommend that you visit our page on Marketing Automation with EVERYTHING about this subject:

  • What is digital marketing automation?
  • Advantages of Marketing Automation
  • Step by step how to do marketing automation
  • Marketing automation by area
  • Examples of Marketing Automation by Segment
  • Marketing Automation Tools List and more.

The marketing automation tool makes work more strategic and productive.

In addition to automating a series of repetitive activities such as triggering a welcome email for a lead that has converted into a landing page, for example, this marketing tool also allows other actions to be performed such as:

  • creation of landing pages (no codes needed) to capture entries;
  • scheduling and monitoring of posts on social networks;
  • email marketing tool for creating campaigns and automation;
  • management and segmentation of contacts registered in the tool;
  • lead tracking and lead scoring to assist in the Inbound Marketing strategy;
  • unified reports that help with decision making;
  • and more!

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