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Content marketing has occupied an increasingly privileged place in the business world. This statement is already a reality for everyone who works in this segment, and who seeks communication alternatives with their target audience that bring real results. What many people forget is that to work in the content marketing area, it is essential to have mastery in the preparation of a quality editorial plan.

There are a multitude of digital strategies that can be adopted by professionals and content writers when preparing editorial plans. We prepared this post to help you find the best way to use this tool in your business, developing strategies focused on results. Follow up!

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Tips on how to create an editorial plan

1- Starting your content marketing strategy

Before getting into the subject itself, it’s important that you keep in mind that you need to define three main points in a content marketing strategy. It is through them that you can start drawing up an editorial plan.

The first pillar of the content marketing strategy concerns the definition of the persona. This definition goes beyond content marketing and encompasses all digital marketing strategies, hence its importance for the development of any strategy for your business.

2- But after all, who is this Persona?

Persona is a fictional representation of an ideal customer for your business. The company develops this representation based on the search for its product and real data from its current customers. It is a character, with a very well defined name, age, profession, marital status and personal interests.

The second pillar is understanding what the needs of this persona are. In this sense, you will assess what concerns this character is and what challenges he is currently facing. In this context, you must analyze how your product or service can be useful in meeting your persona’s needs.

The third pillar concerns the persona approach. How do you intend to get to her? Will it be through posts on your blog? Through webinars? Or, is the best strategy to be videos on platforms like YouTube? And Facebook, is it a good option? The definition of the means of approach is essential to start the elaboration of your editorial plan.

Do not go ahead with the elaboration of a plan without having these three basic pillars well designed, as they are the ones that will guide all your planning.

3- Understanding the importance of the Editorial Plan

Content marketing is not just about creating content based on a copywriter with excellent command of a creative process. It is necessary to go further, and in this context, the editorial plan is important, as it is through it that the company can develop its focus and pre-define which are the relevant themes for its audience.

A good plan is related to business planning, setting deadlines and even organizing the best times for posting and publishing in the channels previously defined. Building efficient communication is capable of generating qualified leads for your business, and that makes all the difference when it comes to achieving results.

It is through the plan that the guidelines for the content to be elaborated are pointed out, in addition to organizing themes, style and tone of voice of the message, keywords, titles, formats, deadlines and other important points to reach the objective.

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4- Agenda plan and content schedule

Setting agendas is an important step in developing an editorial plan. This step will make up the publication schedule and clearly define the content to be addressed by the writer, defining the keywords, theme and objective of the content.

In some cases, this plan must have some flexibility, as the digital market is very dynamic and may undergo changes that generate the need to change the agenda.

Followed by the agenda plan, comes the content schedule, which establishes the deadlines for delivery and publication of each content defined in the plan. Points defined in a content schedule:

  • Start date – Content request date
  • Topic to be covered in the content
  • Objective of format in strategy
  • Keywords for the SEO of each publication
  • Channels where each content will be published
  • Definition of the type of language that should be adopted by the Editor.
  • CTA’s – Call-to-Actions (calls to action on each content).
  • Content delivery deadline.

It is important to keep in mind that the agenda and content schedule must be designed according to the needs of each client’s business. Therefore, the importance of always being assisted by qualified professionals who have knowledge about the content marketing market, able to meet your needs and those of your target audience.

5- Editorial calendar

The editorial calendar needs to be drawn up after an in-depth analysis of your persona, needs and how it will be approached. This is essential when it comes to creating content that really makes a difference and brings value to your product or service.

The calendar is essential for your company’s editorial plan, because through it:

  • It is possible to control the content publications and status of the works being developed by the editors
  • It is possible to analyze the time between two content publications according to the needs of your audience
  • It’s easier to stay focused on the goals that were established at the beginning of planning your content marketing strategies
  • Makes it possible to outline long-term action strategies
  • Facilitates the planning, organization and preparation of the content

6- The importance of deadlines

The editorial plan is also very important due to deadlines. A big problem of who works with content marketing is exactly this question. Therefore, working with an editorial calendar is essential to maintain the organization and periodicity of the content that is shared with its readers and clients. It is very important to keep a sequence of contact with your customer, as this is the only way you are remembered and you don’t risk losing space to the competition.

EXTRA: 4 more killer tips for creating your content editorial plan

We’ve separated some killer tips for you to create a perfect editorial plan for your business and that will qualify your leads and help you reach your goal:

  1. Information you can put on your calendar: Define the days of the week you’ll publish the content, target audience of that publication, post title, agenda details, reference links, keywords, category (if content is categorized ), purpose of content, funnel step, responsible team person, and deadlines.
  2. Re-evaluate your general calendar from time to time (we suggest every three months). This reassessment allows you to measure the effects and plan new content based on the results and reactions of users.
  3. Assess well the frequency of publication of your content, the deadlines, establishing a plan B in case you have any problems.

Creating a quality editorial plan makes all the difference when it comes to content marketing. Keep an eye on your audience’s behavior and always think about how they would like to communicate with your company. Also, don’t forget that organizationplanning and focus are essential to the success of any business.

  • Another golden tip is to always have the assistance of a qualified professional, with market experience and availability to meet and embark on this challenge together with your company.