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Paid ads are among today’s top digital marketing strategies. They help your company to present itself to new potential customers and expand the reach of the brand, contributing to increased sales. But, how to advertise on the internet? 

In this article, we separate some tips for those who are starting in this universe that are sponsored links, or paid ads. It’s worth following up!

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How to advertise on the internet: 5 tips for those just starting out

Before the tips on how to advertise on the internet, we would like to highlight two points that make this a good strategy for your company:

  • the ability to set the budget you can or want to invest,
  • the possibility of targeting the ad according to your ideal audience (persona).

These two characteristics transformed the way companies present their services and products and made the purchase of advertising space by companies of different sizes and investment powers more accessible and democratic.

On Facebook Ads, for example, your company can make ads starting at R$1 per campaign day.

Unlike traditional advertising, where only large companies and high financial capital were able to advertise on TV and radio, today, your small business can also reach potential customers, using the main channels of concentration of people in the world, such as Google, Facebook and Instagram.

That said, let’s go to the tips on how to advertise on the Internet:

  1. understand who your audience is,
  2. define the ad channels,
  3. think about the goals of each campaign,
  4. get to know the possibilities of Google Ads and Youtube Ads,
  5. and invest right in Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads.

1. Understand who your audience is

At the beginning of this article, we explained that one of the advantages of advertising on the internet is the possibility of targeting the audience that will receive your ad.

But in order for you to target this ad you need to know who your audience is. 

One of the most effective techniques for creating ads that reach the right people is to create personas that represent your ideal customer. Use the characteristics of this persona to populate the ad platforms’ audience fields with information such as:

  • gender,
  • age,
  • geographic location,
  • income bracket,
  • behaviors,
  • interests,
  • profession and more.

It will not be necessary for you to complete all of this. Select the information that makes the most sense to target your audience. 

For example, in digital marketing for schools an important information in targeting is to target the ads to internet users who are parents of children within the age group you serve. Yes, Facebook Ads, for example, allows you to do that degree of targeting.

In order for you to deepen your knowledge about the importance of targeting your audience in internet ads and how to do this, we encourage you to watch the video below.

2. Define ad placements

What digital channels do you find your potential customers on?

Which ones are they willing to relate to your service or product on?

B2B companies, for example, might consider investing in LinkedIn Ads and other strategies within this professional social network.

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You don’t need to choose either channel. On the contrary, it is possible to run advertisements on several digital channels at the same time. However, remember to produce relevant content and align your strategy with the channel being used.

As this takes some work, make sure your company can really embrace many channels at the same time.

If this is not possible, start your strategy little by choosing the networks that best meet your needs in relation to reaching the ideal audience.

3. Think about the goals of each campaign

Of course, the goal of every marketing action is to help the company sell more. However, for this maximum objective to be reached, a series of tasks and strategies must be executed, fulfilling intermediate goals, which will lead to sales.

For example, increasing the number of followers on your Facebook page might be a goal of your campaign. Generating more engagement could be another. Increasing traffic to your website is also a target option for ads.

Goal setting will help platforms find users who are ready to take the action that will translate into the expected result.

Learn how to advertise on the internet in a way that you get results requires much more than knowing how to use the ad tool. You need to make an action plan before creating the ad.

4. Discover the possibilities of Google Ads and Youtube Ads

Youtube Ads is one of Google’s channels that allows you to create ads. If your customer is a consumer of content on Youtube, it might be interesting to create ads for that channel. 

As with other social networks and internet ad platforms, on Youtube, it is also possible to segment the audience, for example, according to the type of video that your potential customer watches and in which type of video the ad will be shown, for example, skincare products can be broadcast in videos about fashion, healthy eating and exercise video. 

To get your hands dirty we recommend that you read the article, “ How to advertise on YouTube: a tutorial in 7 quick steps”. 

In addition to Youtube, Google offers several other options for how to advertise on the internet, including:

  • Google Search : Ads that appear along with search engine results. It is indicated to the user with the tag “Announcement”.
  • Display: These are image ads shown on the Google Adsense partner network,
  • Google Shopping : Ads for product-related searches and is often used as a display ad in remarketing as well.

5. Invest right in Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads

Facebook has more than 5 million advertisers and this helps prove that the platform really works. Just like Youtube, is part of Google’s range of options to advertise on the internet, Instagram Ads is part of the Facebook “group”. That’s why the two are here together.

Maybe you’ve heard some people say that they advertised on Facebook or Instagram, but they weren’t successful. This usually happens due to lack of campaign planning.

To learn how to advertise on the internet on Facebook and Instagram you need to:

  • understand what audience you want to reach,
  • what is the purpose of the campaign,
  • what are you going to say, what is the message of the campaign,
  • and what is your daily budget?

With all that in mind, it’s time to open up the ads tool. Not sure how? In the video below you can see the step by step how to advertise on Facebook within the ad manager.

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