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When it comes to digital marketing, you may already know the volume of strategies you need to deal with: social media, paid ads, email marketing, landing pages, content production, SEO and much more. But for all this to be done more efficiently, you can count on the help of a list of digital marketing software.

Below, we list the 25 best marketing tools for your company. You don’t need to work with them all. Make an analysis of the strategies your company uses and which digital marketing software will contribute to your results.

Remember that the essential tools for digital marketing are allied to facilitate your work and the work of your team on a daily basis. Therefore, eliminate platforms that are not used and that have become just a bureaucracy!

Digital Marketing Software: 15 Tools to Optimize Your Strategy

1. Postgrain

Social networks are the main entry channels for companies into the universe of digital marketing, so let’s start this list of digital marketing software with a system that contributes to the management of these channels: PostGrain.

We are talking about a tool that allows:

  • schedule publications,
  • reply messages,
  • interact in real-time with your followers.


In the same footprint as the previous tool, Hootsuite appears as a software option focused on social media management.

Among the main features are:

  • integration of all your social media accounts
  • scheduling of publications;
  • access to reports.

3. Buffer

Also focused on social media management, we are talking about a digital marketing platform that allows you to schedule content, but with a greater focus on expanding engagement within these channels.

For this, it helps you and allows you to see all the important comments and interactions carried out in the tool.

In the tool, you’ll see unanswered comments and identify the most important ones, ensuring that your team acted quickly to enjoy all the benefits of a user’s contact. 

4. Buzzsumo

The purpose of the tool is to help you find the best performing content to engage your followers.

The system also makes it easy for your brand to find a digital influencer who can contribute to your strategy, as well as offering insights into content production.

Digital marketing software allows you to find the hot topics, within the company’s universe and the reality of its personas, and use them to expand reach, interact and increase user engagement.

In short, use this digital marketing platform to:

  • find high-performance content and topics at the moment,
  • have access to dozens of information about data,
  • identify influencers,
  • monitor comments and trends.

5. Canvas

If you work with social media, but you are not a professional designer, nor can you hire one, Canva is a very important digital marketing platform because it allows you to create images for posting on Facebook and Instagram, including animated arts and GIF.

The system already offers ready-made templates that you can edit with your photos, logo, colors and more.

Use and abuse to make your posts more attractive.

6. Google Ads

Google ads is Google’s platform that is indispensable for companies wishing to reach more customers through sponsored links strategy.

It is used to create ads on Google Shopping , Google Display and Google Search.

It is one of the best marketing tools for the attraction sales funnel step.

From Google Ads, your company can advertise on Google’s partner network. Understand more in the content, “ How to create Google Adwords campaigns ”.

7. Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is the Facebook Ads tool, also being used for creating Instagram Ads ads.

Most companies, B2B or B2C, get excellent results when creating an ad campaign within the main social networks in Brazil and the world. So, check out the video below how to implement, you too, a strategy that uses these channels.

8. Google Keyword Planner

Another free Google tool, essential for creating an efficient marketing strategy, Google Keyword Planner allows you to find keywords searched by Google users to perform searches.

In addition to being useful for creating ads, you can also use the information for your SEO and content marketing strategy.

9. SEMRush

SEMrush is one of the essential tools for digital marketing, especially for those dealing with SEO.

Digital marketing software offers features and facilities such as:

  • allows you to discover ideal keywords for the company,
  • does backlink profile analysis of any domain,
  • performs technical SEO audit,
  • tracks positions on SERP (Google search result page for a specific keyword) and more. Worth knowing!

Read more at: How to rank on Google: the 5 SEO secrets for website

10. Yoast

The Yoast SEO plugin is WordPress actually one of the most used within the platform, and works to optimize each page of your website and blog for SEO.

With Yoast installed it is possible to define important parameters for two pages:

  • meta title,
  • description,
  • Optimized URL,
  • keyword and more.


UNBOUNCE is the Inbound Marketing tool that facilitates the creation of landing pages, including the execution of A/B tests.

The platform offers ready-made landing page templates that can be customized easily, quickly and without the need to hire a professional to do so.


Mailchimp is a digital marketing software created for sending email marketing. Chances are you already know the impact of email marketing on a communication, relationship and sales strategy.

The channel is indispensable for lead nurturing and very efficient for activating inactive customers, as well as reducing customer acquisition costs.

Mailchimp is a platform used around the world to organize leads and trigger emails. 

If you have not yet mastered the techniques of creating and sending email marketing, we recommend that you use the free checklist: “ How to create your ZERO email marketing campaign without forgetting any details ”.


LeadFeeder is a tool that allows you to follow the behavior of visitors and leads, evaluating, for example, which pages on your company’s website they visited.

This information helps in qualifying the lead and optimizing your company’s pages.

14. Google Analytics

Data analysis is one of the strongest aspects of digital marketing. It doesn’t matter if your company is big or small, using data is essential to optimize the results of your strategies, and thus generate more results for the company.

Google Analytics is the most used tool in the world for data management to do in relation to the behavior of users within its pages. Among the metrics and indicators that can be collected are:

  • traffic volume;
  • new visitors;
  • recurring visitors;
  • source of traffic,
  • CTR – click through rate;
  • customer acquisition cost and more.


If this list of digital marketing software left you with your hair standing on end and just thinking about managing it all gave you butterflies in your stomach, you can opt for a platform that integrates all these and other features, hiring, for example, a marketing automation software.

In 2019, LAHAR was elected the best digital marketing tool by ABComm – Brazilian Association of Electronic Commerce, with more than 70 thousand popular votes in general.

Among the features of our platform you will find:

  • creation of actions and monitoring of social networks;
  • keyword panel for SEO and content marketing;
  • creating landing pages and forms ;
  • creating and sending email marketing;
  • AB test (email marketing and landing pages);
  • marketing automation;
  • Lead Tracking;
  • Lead Scoring for qualifying leads;
  • reports and more.