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Have you ever stopped to think about the volume of marketing strategy options that are available to small and medium businesses, regardless of industry? Together, every day, we feel an increase in people’s concern for health, well-being, and of course, fitness. Combining these two market trends, creating digital marketing strategies for gyms is the right formula to gain clients and increase the loyalty rate of its students.

However, what actions to develop? Where to start? How to improve the results you already have with the digital marketing strategies for gyms you already apply?

Some points are important, including:

  1. create a strategic marketing plan ;
  2. identify your personas;
  3. know your market;
  4. define your strategies;
  5. measure your results.

In this article, I will focus on topic 4: Defining Your Strategies. Below, we present 5 digital marketing tactics for gyms that should be in your action and expansion plan. Follow up.

Digital marketing for gyms: 5 strategies to attract and retain students

1. Use Google My Business

Being found by those who do a search like “gym in [your city]” is the dream of any company in the fitness area and for that, you have a shorter and cheaper route than you might think: Google My Business.

Google My Business is a free platform on which you register your business and becomes a result option for local searches performed by Google.

With this registration, you have control of the information that is displayed about you, such as opening hours and addresses, and have access to Google services, such as Google Maps.

Being present on Google Meu Negócios makes the search platform understand that your company is a relevant result for research related to your industry. See the example below:

The area we’ve marked in red is the location dedicated to businesses that are part of Google My Business. Take the quiz and research the gyms in your area. By clicking on each result you will notice that you have access to the most complete information for each company.

Being among the top results of Google, without spending anything for it, is without a doubt the first item that you must fulfill in your list of digital marketing strategies for gyms.

>> Visit the Google My Business website and get started!

Do you want to know the step by step to engage a first in this strategy? Access our special article; “ What is Google My Business and how to register your company | Step by step”.

2. Social media marketing

You probably already have an Instagram profile and a Facebook page, but how you manage your social networks is the most important.

What type of content do you publish? How is your relationship with your customers built?

Nobody wants to follow a page that only advertises its promotional package prices.

Make your channels interesting by using in your social media marketing strategy :

  • quality images about your space, professionals and students;
  • leverage videos as a way to get more reach, viewing, and engagement;
  • on Instagram be sure to take advantage of the stories to share what’s happening right now on the spot;
  • health tips and new exercise options are relevant to content to feed your network. Don’t just talk about yourself;
  • make promotions and campaigns that engage your followers, such as “30 days of abs”. Each day you can do a type of sit-up that the follower can do at home, and encourage him to share the experience with you. This type of campaign/challenge is also an excellent option to engage the internal audience and make your students talk about you, on their digital channels.

3. Consider creating actions with digital influencers

Since we’re talking about social networks we can’t leave them out, who are the new celebrities of today: the digital influencers.

There are several types of digital influencers, from national and international ones, who work with big companies and gigantic brands, to local influencers, who can do a lot for digital marketing for gyms, that you want to adopt.

In the image below, Júlia Horta, Miss Brazil 2019, discloses an image of her training and marks Bodytech, the gym where she trains. Yes, Miss Brasil is an international personality and Bodytech a company with a national presence. Notice how the two profiles “talk” to each other.

This is what you should find, analyzing your profile and the profile of the influencer or influencer, to find the perfect partnership.

If your work is regional, find an influencer who has the same profile and the same coverage radius as you. The example above, however, is an inspiration for natural ways to use social media to promote your company and services.

Do not know where to start? Access the article; “5 tips on HOW to find the right digital influencers for your brand” and start your search for the perfect partner!

4. Create a Blog

If the placement your company has in Google results for relevant searches is important to you, creating an Inbound and content marketing strategy should be within the scope of digital marketing strategies for gyms you are creating.

Consider the sales funnel to create articles that address every step of the customer journey.

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5. Use email marketing to nurture your contacts [create a lead base]

Email is a direct communication channel with your customer. In addition, email marketing is the strategy with the highest return on investment among communication tactics, it is $38 for every $1 invested.

However, it is not enough to fire generic emails to your customers and expect all of them to return. Through automation tools, it is possible to segment customers and leads to offer each of them the best possible communication, with greater chances of conversion.

For example, for a lead who is already a paid monthly gym customer, you can send emails that encourage them to switch to an annual plan, indicating how much they will save each month.

Another option is to present other sports offered in the place, presenting the benefits of each one and offering an experimental class. All this with the objective of increasing the average ticket per customer.

Another segmentation option is to divide your students according to their goal and create automation flows to send relevant information that will help them in that goal, such as post-workout feeding tips, the number of times they should go to the gym per week, which exercises to combine with weight training etc.

For leads that are not yet customers you can send emails:

  • inviting to a trial class;
  • indicating new modalities;
  • promotional packages;
  • publicizing events open to the public and free of charge;
  • presenting the daily life of the academy, so that he wants to be part of it all.

How to get leads that are not customers? Check out the tips we’ve separated in “ How to get more leads: 12 tactics to expand your base”. 

In the video below, LAHAR presents in more detail how small and medium-sized companies can take advantage of Inbound Marketing, email marketing and automation actions to attract more customers and retain their consumers. It is worth checking.

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