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Are you considering creating an online course, have already researched the main trends in ODL, but confused about what are the best online course platforms?

Unlike what happened when distance education emerged, it is not necessary for content producer to create their own platform to host their courses.

The market offers a wide range of systems that give you the possibility of creating your own website for :

  • sharing content,
  • student enrollment,
  • course sales. 

For handling and managing all of this, selecting the right online course platform is one of the most important things about putting together an ODL course.

For this choice, in addition to the features and prices of the best online course platforms, you must also consider:

  • the target audience,
  • the type of course offered,
  • its classes and everything that involves the process from production to the loyalty of its students.

So, let’s go to the list of best online course platforms. 

5 Best Online Course Platforms

There is no one best online course platform. The choice for one system or another should be made based on the needs that you, as a content manager or producer, have and the functions you want to offer to your students.

There are dozens of platforms for online stores. Below we list some cost-effective options with varied features.

Among the best online course platforms are:

  1. Samba Tech
  2. Apollo
  3. Udemy
  4. Sapium
  5. EAD Box
  6. Moodle
  7. hotmart
  8. Edols
  9. WP Members Area
  10. EAD Platform

All are well known among those who already develop online courses. They represent secure platforms for payment and storage of customer data and your courses as a whole.

Learn more about each one below!

1. Samba Tech

The Samba Tech is one of the best online course platforms offering features such as:

  • hosting and distribution of video lessons for EAD;
  • online courses and videos sales platform;
  • exclusive subscription for internal corporate training.

By internal training, I mean the courses that a company develops within the companies for its employees.

This function even offers the possibility of developing an internal application for your employees.

Sambatech offers reports so that the course manager can follow:

  • volume of views;
  • most popular videos;
  • demographics of your audience;
  • video retention rate;
  • Live streaming option;
  • Web TV.

For the sale of courses, you can offer your students:

  • course packages;
  • subscriptions;
  • separate lessons.

The EAD platform is fully customizable and you don’t need developers or designers.

In addition, the entire process of buying and selling your course is carried out on the platform. You won’t need to worry about that.

To obtain a quote for the service, it is necessary that you contact a consultant.

2. Apollo

The  Apollo is a distance learning platform that allows you to have full control over the content, organization, layout of your course. The goal is for you to truly offer a unique experience for your customers.

With the platform, you can schedule the delivery of content to your students, as you prefer and as your strategy requires. Furthermore, it is possible to offer certification.

The system also offers features such as:

  • the student comments section, for interaction,
  • forum,
  • webinar creation, and more.

3. Udemy

The Udemy offers courses in various areas of knowledge such as design, development and photography.

Any user can access and purchase a course.

However, it also offers solutions for those who want to develop an online course. 

In addition to hosting, the tool allows you to sell the course and receive payment via PayPal or Payoneer.

One of the reasons Udemy is among the best online course platforms is that your course can participate in the tool’s marketing actions and attract more students without much effort.

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4. Sapium

The great advantage of this online course platform is the possibility of creating and accessing a type of social network within the course platform itself.

In other words, at Sapium, in addition to hosting your classes in a safe and easy-to-manage environment, it is also possible to maintain relationships and expand the benefits offered to students, such as networking.

It is also possible to offer private lessons, certificates and set up study groups.

5. EAD Box

With EAD Box you create online courses, manage payments and interact with your students.

Through the platform it is possible to create a professional website and a personalized domain.

If you have a company with a training and development program it is also possible to host and create exclusive training for your employees within the system.

Look great? Can be better.

The platform allows you to create a real school! You can host multiple courses and customize with your branding by creating a completely digital product.

The tool supports both technical and strategic specialists in the dissemination of their courses.

Other features are:

  • possibility of creating a webinar;
  • live classes broadcast;
  • 100% responsive;
  • issuing certificates directly on the platform;
  • possibility of gamification of classes;
  • custom smartphone app for your students;
  • payment system and more.

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6. Moodle

Undoubtedly one of the oldest platforms when it comes to distance learning, even today Moodle is one of the best online course platforms.

It is a world-class system, with features and functionality that will generate a lot of interaction and ease in sharing knowledge.

Allows the creation of plug-ins and is 100% responsive for mobile platforms.

7. Hotmart

The Hotmart is one of the best platforms for online courses as well as an excellent platform for affiliate marketing.

It connects affiliate candidates and info product producers who want to sell their courses.

In addition, the system has features such as:

  • website layout customization;
  • materials to support the content producer;
  • simple interface;
  • option for responsive mobile access.

The platform does not require the payment of fees or monthly fees. Payment only occurs when you sell your courses.

8. Edols

With  Edools you can create online courses to sell or to present within your company, for example.

Some large companies in Brazil are partners in the tool, among them Sebrae and Instituto Embelleze.

It is possible to customize the platform according to your needs and demand from customers, or rather, students..

9. WP Member Area

If you are a fan of WordPress, you will be able to take advantage of this feature more. With the functionality of the WP member area, it is possible to create and sell your courses online, without needing anything but hosting!

10. EAD Platform

The EAD platform functions as an e-commerce course, where you create your own website and host their courses through an intuitive system and without support from developers.

In addition to hosting your courses, you have access to:

  • subscription plans;
  • course management;
  • student management;
  • the exclusive sales page for each course;
  • integrated payment system;
  • forums and groups;
  • certificates and more.

The shopping cart is available 24 hours a day and registrations are carried out automatically after confirmation of payment by the student.

Want to make sure this is the best online course platform ? Take a 7 day free trial.

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