A Provo Destination

Welcome to Oregano Italian Kitchen, another restaurant from award winning chef Chad Pritchard, previously of La Collina Pizzeria & Ristorante and The Chef's Table . Chef Chad Pritchard is proud to announce this New York Style Italian eatery. For many years he has enjoyed making cuisine influenced by the traditional East Coast styles. When he and his family moved from Texas to Provo, he noticed that though there were a few Italian restaurants in the area, there were none that served Italian cuisine like this. Chef Pritchard prides his menu at Oregano Italian Kitchen for introducing this authentic New York Style to its patrons.

Downtown Cuisine

Incredible dishes brought to you by Chef Chad Pritchard, experience a new twist on New York Italian cuisine. 

Dessert to die for

Cannoli and so much more to follow your upscale meal at Oregano Italian Kitchen

A fresh new Take

Leave the traditional meals behind and prepare yourself for what we have in store in our fresh new location.